What Our Customers Are Saying
Evergreen Acres trimmed my overhanging trees, which protected my roof and in addition it gave me much added sunshine to my front porch. Along with this, they trimmed all my shrubbery, killed the annoying weeds AND repaired my back stairs! An A+ all round company that I highly recommend.

-Debra McDonough
Campton, NH 

Prior to Jeff Hebda being awarded the plowing contract for Page Hill development the plowing was substandard, safety issues due to lack of melting chemicals being applied were constant resulting in several near miss collisions, and homeowner property loss or damage was routine. As the then president of the home owners association I sent a letter to the selectmen and road agent asking for their help in correcting the situation. 

Since Jeff took over the plowing the now president of the association sent a letter to the same people praising the great job Jeff has consistently done asking the town to renew his contract. Jeff not only has the knowledge and desire to do a great job but he also has the equipment to get the job done consistently in a top quality manner. I am more then happy to recommend Jeff to anyone for their plowing requirements.

-Steve Hackett
Campton, NH 

Jeff Hebda has worked with me on two landscaping jobs that have  both exceeded my expectations and I plan to have Jeff help with an additional job this summer. Jeff has the right equipment to meet your landscaping needs, but what sets him apart from others is his many years of experience covering a wide variety of landscaping projects and his ability to convert what you want into a great landscape design. I recommend Jeff to anyone who has a landscaping project in mind.

-Steve Hackett
Campton, NH 

We started working with Jeff Hebda last winter (2006-7), hiring him to plow and sand our driveway as needed.  Not only was he thorough and reliable, but he also plowed and sanded in a timely fashion.  If the snow came overnight, by the time we needed to leave for work in the morning (often by 7am), the driveway was already plowed/sanded.
His rates were reasonable and he offered two options: only plow/sand when we would call him to request it, or only plow/sand if there was a minimum amount of snow or if in his judgment it was needed for safety (for example, icing).  We choose a minimum of 5 inches and he reliably honored that agreement.  If it was close and he thought it should be plowed, he would call us first.  This gave us the option to snow-blow or shovel small amounts ourselves, allowing us to control our plowing costs.

We were so pleased with Jeff’s work that when last summer arrived, we began discussions with him to do major landscaping and site grading work on our property.   We had built our home on cleared land the year before, but more grading was needed and we hadn’t done any landscaping.  We had some general as well as specific ideas (for example, we wanted two patios and a walkway connecting them) about what we wanted.  Jeff was very responsive and creative.  We genuinely felt like he was our partner as we worked out the details.  

Often, working with landscapers can be frustrating because they have pre-set ideas about what they want to do and, while appearing to listen, you know they’ll do what they want anyhow.  Not so with Mr. Hebda – he truly got our vision and came up with a plan to implement it.  Not being experts in selecting plants that will work in this environment and soil, we were able to rely on his recommendations for plantings.  When we finally settled on our plan, he gave us a quote that met our budget constraints and went right to work, completing the project ahead of schedule.  We have been very pleased with our new landscaping and rest secure that he has solved various grading problems.  

The bottom line is that Jeff Hebda is honest, reliable, friendly, creative, reasonably priced and timely getting the job done..  We would recommend him to anyone.

-Joe and Mary Edith Heise
Campton,  NH  

Hi Jeff,

I arrived at the house today in the early evening. I brought in my things, putting everything away, and then I was ready.

Donning a sweater, I opened the door to the deck.  Unfolding the chaise and table and putting them in place, I scanned the deck.  It was beautiful.  I felt myself smile.

Going back into the house I picked up my book, poured a glass of wine, and came back outside. It felt sublime, to sit on the beautiful deck with my book in my lap, sipping wine and listening to the call of the thrush in the woods.

You did  a great job.!

Rev. Anita 

Jeff Hebda and his son (Jeff) recently put in a beautiful split-rail fence with wire (for our dogs) in our backyard.  They did an AMAZING job!  The fence is sturdy, aesthetically pleasing, and most importantly....it keeps our dogs inside!  Jeff was very accommodating to our needs, which were that we wanted enough gates to get in and out of the fence in different areas and that we wanted the fence to go into the woods to give the dogs some shade from the hot summer sun.  Jeff and his son built our fence in just a few days and it is exactly what we wanted....we can't find a single thing wrong with it!  

Great finished product, speedy construction, friendly people, and a fair price....if you ask me I don't know why you would ever hire someone else to build your fence.  Jeff knows what he is doing and I will definitely recommend him to my friends!

Mary Deppe
Campton, NH

Jeff, it looks fabulous!!! I never thought it could look so good. It’s tough to tell how the trees look from the pictures but I’m sure it looks great. Thanks for sending the pictures along and thanks for your talented and hard work. 


When I moved into my new home 5 years ago, my landscaping was "builder-blah". Now, thanks to Evergreen Acres Landscaping, I have beautiful, custom-designed landscaping that compliments and personalizes my home.

They also completed a stone 'lazy' walkway which Jeff and Jeff Jr. worked meticulously until the job was perfect! Simply Amazing! 

They are truly the White Mountains best kept secret in landscaping!

David Abjornson, III

Thank you very much for your work this year!

Gerry Casey

Hi Jeff,

The property looks amazing! Thank you for a great job. I will be in touch for a fall clean up.

Deb R.

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            Did You Know 
- Owner Jeff Hebda has been landscaping since he was thirteen years old. He learned from his Dad and the University of Massachusetts about all aspects of landscaping, and to be a hands on nurseryman and tree farm owner/operator.
- He started building his own 30 acre Christmas tree farm at fifteen . His first trees were ready at age twenty--three., leading to a 30 year tree farm career.
- He is a former New England  champion of motorcycle trials enduro riding.
-  He is an adventuristt, having whitewater rafted  and decended waterfalls in the Costa Rican rainforest.
- He is an expert skier and snowmobiler, skiing and riding most of New England and Canada..
- He is a natural talent at dog training
and  had company mascot Mulligan doing tricks at 12 weeks of age.
-Most importantly, he is a golf fanatic- with a good score and a landscaper's keen eye for great greens and fairway conditions !
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